About us

Established in 2007,

Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2007, Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the leading brand of Industrial Microwave Heating Systems. Enerzi has carved a niche for itself in the Indian and Global markets. It has diverse market segments with expertise in a variety of applications.

The seed to all these achievements is a lab development back in 2005. In a small workshop of about 200 sq.ft., in Bengaluru, a crude tabletop furnace was developed by the founding team consisting of Dr. Prakash and Dr. Krupashankara along with a highly dedicated group of technocrats and Mr. Nazim Pasha, who supported us with mechanical fabrication. This system was designed with 3 magnetrons of 0.8 kW each. The Magnetrons were operated by voltage doubler circuits as the power supply. The photo shows Dr. Prakash Mugali carrying out microwave leakage measurements around this first ever microwave furnace built by the company along with his friend Mr. Shanbag.

After two years of research and development, the founders decided to start Enerzi. Eventually on August 20, 2007 Enerzi was incorporated with a vision to develop systems and solutions based on microwave technology. Joining of more experts like Mr. Neelesh Chougule, Dr. Chandrashekhara, Mr. R. Nakarajan, Mrs. Maneesha Wali and Dr. R. G. Math added a whole new energy to its growth story. Year after year, Enerzi has been creating new benchmarks for itself and has been evolving as a company to provide better and technologically superior products & solutions to its customers. It has believed in the holistic growth of all its stakeholders and is constantly working towards creating a global brand in its market segment.


  • To be a global brand in electro-magnetic heating solutions.


  • To provide innovative, economical, energy efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions to our customers in food & materials processing.

Values that ENERZI stands for :

Excellence in value creation with simplicity

Novelty that transcends customer delight

Effective leadership with ingenuity

Radical thinking for breakthrough research

Zero tolerance to complacency

Intra-preneurship with synergistic teamwork

With a Backdrop and perspective for innovative processing systems and entering into an exclusive establishment of Process Heating Systems the domain and market sector so revealed to our immediate sustenance were Vulcanisation, Drying, Sintering, Curing & Calcining. For 5 years special nurturing and care has been taken by Enerzi Team to supply quality microwave power systems to Institutes and Industries for the processing of such diverse products as rubber, ceramic & glass, Chemical & pharmaceuticals, Powder metals, food & vegetables, waste materials management

Every product we manufacture is tested, designed, engineered, and produced to meet your specific needs. It is the attention to details and our unique application knowledge that makes us special company and each microwave system is handcrafted to perfection blended with superior quality, and touch of tempered durability.

Whether you are looking for indegenous industrial microwave parts, labscale development prototype systems or full fledged production scale plants, we are your one stop solution center.

Turning good little business into great Business !!!