Microwave Applications Development Center

Microwave Heating is a newly emerging way of heating and most of the applications need a systematic approach of study. Enerzi understands its responsibility in providing an atmosphere to develop new applications or adapt microwave technology to the existing processes. To address this need, Enerzi has set up a Microwave Applications Development Center (MADC).

The MADC currently has the following equipment to enable developments for a variety of applications ;

  1. Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Press (50 Tonnes)
  2. Lab scale Batch Type Microwave Furnace (1.5 kW, RT to 1200 deg. C)
  3. Batch Type Prototype Microwave Furnace (4.5 kW, RT to 1600 deg. C)
  4. Automatic Continuous Type Microwave Furnace (4.5 kW, RT to 1600 deg. C)
  5. Calibrated Measuring Instruments to measure Weight, Temperature, Power and Energy.

Enerzi is constantly developing the knowledge-base needed to adapt Microwave Technology to various applications and has lined up research programs both in-house and in collaboration with other organisations.

The above facilities are available to any industry, institute and student for carrying out research in their areas of interest or to utilise the same for quick trials and experiments on a nominal charge basis. We are more than eager to work with you on new research areas.