Centre for Innovative Food Technologies (CIFT)

Domain knowledge of food processing has become strong today and it has revolutionized the entire food industry. Innovation has been at the heart of our company since its beginning. At CIFT, we are passionate about continual development, innovation, concept to commercial, line extensions, cost reduction, improving market by using microwave technology. Microwave heating is known for its operational safety and nutrient retention capacity with minimal loss. We apply this GREEN TECHNOLOGY to improve efficiency of production, to enhance the quality of food products and serve the needs of our customers. We have been focusing on all of our professional knowledge in novel food processing and nutrition. This has allowed us to accelerate product research and development, bringing the best technologies and products to benefit people all over the world.

Our Centre aims to fulfill a leadership role in delivering:

  1. Application of microwave heating for various food processing methods such as drying, blanching, frying, puffing, extraction, disinfestation, cooking, baking etc.
  2. Planning, organizing and implementing of projects/research programs designed to result improved quality of existing products and processes.
  3. Conduct table-top, pilot plant and scale-up trials.
  4. Prepare and communicate test plan, specification and all other required documentation.
  5. Effectively work with customers to obtain or develop innovative processing technologies.
  6. Maintain current awareness of technical developments in the field and an awareness of product/process opportunities and improvements.


Our teams of trained and experienced professionals assist you in achieving production, delivery and quality targets. The teams that work with us have vast experience in the industry and thorough knowledge of all the involved processes. We work to maintain a healthy working environment and execute timely skills development training programs to improve our teams.

There is need to complement contributions of basic research on microwave processing to develop functional foods. We provide you a key technology in achieving the objective of sustainable and green mechanics for research, teaching and commercial applications in food sector.