Microwave Technology for Processing Ceramics

Microwave technology is a relatively recent development for processing materials and has widespread applications in ceramic industry. The technology is currently widely practiced for drying and sintering processes in traditional and technical/advanced ceramics. As is well known, these processes are not only energy intensive and costly; but have impact on environment. The alternative microwave technology has substantial advantages in energy efficiency, faster processing time, higher productivity and cost effectiveness with lesser impact on environment.

In this paper, we briefly describe the principles involved in drying and sintering ceramic materials using microwaves. The advantages of the method are brought out quantitatively through a few case studies. Many applications are given to highlight the advantages of the technology including the development of novel cementitious materials.

For the benefit of the audience with varied background, the capabilities and expertise of Enerzi in terms of design and development are given. Both laboratory and pilot scale systems are available depending on specific applications. The importances of hybrid systems required in special applications are highlighted.